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Fit Fueling for Active Women Course

  • Sports Nutrition

    The Fit Fueling course covers all the basics, and science, of best practices in sports nutrition to help you fuel for your training goals, events, and a lifetime of activity.

  • Intuitive Eating

    By introducing the core concepts of intuitive eating, the Fit Fueling course provides the keys to food freedom, flexibility, and a sustainable way to fuel for your lifestyle.

  • Community

    To bring everything together, your Fit Fueling course registration includes access to our Fit Fueling community! Join dietitians Heather Caplan and Kelly Jones, along with your team of fellow active women, for support along the way.

  • Handouts & Recipes

    Throughout the Fit Fueling course modules, you're provided with downloadable handouts, recipe cards, and journaling prompts. These are designed to help you put the information into action, and to spice things up in your kitchen.

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